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Foot Joint Problems


Hallux Limitus

Either the result of how the foot functions or from structural changes around the joint. 


Hallux Valgus (Bunions)

A condition where the big toe starts moving towards the other toes. It can cause issues with shoe-fitting, dysfunction of the foot's mechanics and can also be a source of embarrassment


Plantar Plate Injuries

Often the result of trauma where the foot is 'kicked' into the ground or the toe is bent back. 


Hallux Rigidus

Arthritis of the big toe joint, often caused by trauma but can be the result of age. Often progressive and will reduce the range of motion in the joint. 


Toe Deformities

Can affect all people at all ages, but more common in the older years



Bruising of the knuckle joint that holds the toe to the foot. Can be the result of walking in less-cushioned shoes. 

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