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Emergency Podiatry Appointments

Injuries and accidents are never convenient, and getting to a Hospital Accident & Emergency (A&E) or Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) can often mean that you end up spending a small fortune on taxis to wait for several hours to then be given treatment by a non-specialist with no proper follow-up. 

Rather than spending that money on taxis and waiting for hours in A&E, Keep On Your Feet can help.

A warehouse worker sits on the floor gripping his ankle with pain.

What Foot & Ankle Injuries Don't Need To Go To Hospital?

There are some things that always require you to go to hospital; things like heart attacks, strokes and severe allergic reactions are a no-brainer. However, there are also a number of things where we might sit there, contemplating our life-choices and Google: "do I need to go to hospital for an ankle sprain?" or "how quickly do I need to see a doctor for an ankle sprain?" and you'll get back answers that tell you plenty of nothing. 

Here are the most common things that can be seen in a private podiatry clinic, instead of wasting hours in a hospital A&E*:

  • Ankle sprains

  • Ripped off nails

  • Sudden onset severe pain when walking

  • Infected ingrowing toenails

  • Shooting pains in the feet

  • Burning pains in the feet

  • Numbness and tingling in the toes when walking

  • Bent toes

  • Sprained or bruised toes

  • Broken toes

  • Tendon injuries


*There are sometimes where the injury is so severe that you may need to go onto the hospital, however, seeing the podiatrist at Keep On Your Feet will help you get a diagnosis faster, out of pain faster and can also reduce your waiting time because you have been seen and assessed fully prior to arrival at the hospital, and you will have a letter which explains the problem fully so you are triaged properly. 

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