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Diabetic Foot Problems

Diabetes is an ever-growing issue in the UK (and worldwide) and the increasing rate of associated complications including limb amputation, loss of sight, kidney failure and death is an emergency that needs to be dealt with urgently.

Diabetes is a condition where your body fails to absorb sugar from your blood into the cells, and as a result, large amounts of sugar remain in your blood stream. This allows the sugar to collect in the soft tissues, as well as damaging blood vessels and nerves.

Although managing your diabetes is something that you have to take responsibility for, managing your feet can be harder to do.

Podiatrists will ensure that they check the sensation in your feet regularly and assess the circulation in your feet too. This is because it is hard to tell that your ability to identify pain has reduced due to nerve damage in the early stages, and if this is happening, there could also be damage occurring to your circulatory system too.

By having your feet checked by a podiatrist regularly, you will be able to know that any changes are spotted and an action plan can be put in place. Quite often, you will find that you might even mention something in passing and we will latch onto it.

You probably go to your dentist or optician for a regular check up, seeing a podiatrist is another member of the team that is very worthwhile. The reason being that as the feet are furthest away from the body and probably work the hardest: they can also be incredibly hard to heal and will show signs of disease sooner than other parts of the body.

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