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About Jeremy Ousey: Your Podiatrist

About Jeremy Ousey

Jeremy, the owner at Keep On Your Feet, is well known amongst colleagues for enjoying a healthy debate. So much so that, because he got bored being told he was too wet behind the ears, he initially decided to do further studies so he could justify telling colleagues to update themselves! 

As time has moved on, he has collected five degrees - four at a post graduate level and, as it was put to him, is 'thoroughly weaponised'. 

So, foot pain: beware! 

With initial aspirations to be a foot and ankle surgeon, his mentor advised him to 'get really good at fixing things without surgery', so that surgery is always the final option. This is a view which mostly holds true to this day, however, this point of view is less about making surgery the last resort, actually about making it the best resort when the time comes. 

His training in Sports Medicine, Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound, and the Theory of Podiatric Surgery means that he takes a multi-disciplinary approach to your care, all within the confines of a single consultation. This is especially useful as he draws knowledge in from working and training with colleagues from Rheumatology, Radiology, Orthopaedics, Dermatology and Physiotherapy (amongst other) backgrounds.

When his friends were asked to contribute to his biography, they said: "Once you get past the fact he's English, he's not too bad, really." Unfortunately, the other quotes were more flowery and unable to be used. 

In his free time, he enjoys reading, dancing, and going back to his parents to play with their pugs: Ellenby and Bugsy. Seeing his parents isn't awful either.

This is a picture of Jeremy Ousey, director and podiatrist of Keep On Your Feet.



Podiatry (BSc(Hons))
University of East London

My BSc in Podiatry is where it all began. The experience gave me an excellent grounding in all aspects of podiatry, not to mention that as the training was in London, I had access to some of the most elite medical facilities available and I was fortunate enough to secure an honorary position with the Newham Podiatric Surgery team. 


Immediately on finishing my undergraduate degree, I was given the opportunity to study the Postgraduate Certificate at QMUL. At the time, an exception was made, allowing me to start this course without having a year in practice - a privilege I earned only because of the team I worked with at Newham. 

This course introduced me to working with physiotherapists, osteopaths and doctors as well as allowing me to see where my strengths truly lay in this team of health professionals. I quickly realised that I needed to up my game, and that there was no reason I couldn't integrate the useful parts of their knowledge into my own practice. It was also this degree that introduced me to ultrasound scanning. 


Theory of Podiatric Surgery (MSc)

University of Huddersfield

I decided that I wanted to become a foot and ankle surgeon, and so started my Masters in the Theory of Podiatric Surgery. This is where I dipped my toe into the more advanced management of podiatric problems. This degree covered using imaging techniques like X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and ultrasound scans. 

It was also the start of where I learned to question what I know. The benefit of undertaking a Master's degree is that it forces us to think about what we know and then how we know it. 

Although the PgCert was where I started gaining more skills, it was this degree that led me to really start progressing to being the best version of myself as a podiatrist. 


Medical Ultrasound (PgD)

Anglo-European Chiropractic College

Learning my weaknesses through the Theory of Podiatric Surgery degree, I realised that the ultrasound skills I learned at QMUL only just exposed me to the basics. I needed to progress my skillset, especially as I realised that ultrasound is practically the 21st Century's stethoscope. 

I studied scanning of musculoskeletal pathology (injuries) and soft tissue pathology (lumps and bumps). I also did a module on the use of injections and other interventions performed under ultrasound.

As a result, it means you can be reassured that the skills I gained mean I have:

  • the confidence and ability to use ultrasound to get a faster and more accurate diagnosis.

  • provide targeted treatments quickly and efficiently to the site where they are needed

  • the ability to recognise pathologies that are outside the 'normal' and reliably get you a referral to your GP so that it can be investigated properly


Sports & Exercise Medicine (MSc)

Queen Mary University of London

This was probably my favourite degree to sum my experiences up. With it building on the experience and knowledge gained in the postgraduate certificate in Podiatric Sports Medicine and sharing the learning environment with doctors, physiotherapists and other podiatrists: the lectures and training we had pushed our knowledge outside of our comfort zones. On top of this, getting to use research-grade technology to investigate biomechanics and researching the changes that occur to human biomechanics after trauma gave me a new appreciation for the ways which podiatric intervention can help to optimise people's journey of recovery. In particular, the knowledge gained by moving away from orthotics as the main intervention, and then considering how rehabilitation and neural rehabilitation play a part to recovery changed my practice and has allowed me to combine my approach with the approaches of more forward thinking and up-to-date physiotherapy interventions.

This is a picture of Jeremy Ousey, director and podiatrist of Keep On Your Feet.

About the Author

Jeremy Ousey is the owner at Swansea's podiatry clinic: Keep On Your Feet. All the information found on this page was written by him (there's no AI or Chat-GPT here!), and has been carefully chosen to provide you with the information that you need to know about the condition. Jeremy has a Bachelor of Science in Podiatry, with honours, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Podiatric Sports Medicine, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound, and two Master's of Science degrees in the Theory of Podiatric Surgery, and Sports & Exercise Medicine. If you would like to know more about Jeremy, please click here.

About Keep On Your Feet

What is Advanced Podiatry?

What is advanced podiary?

Advanced podiatry is where, as a health professional, we make sure we bridge any gaps between the foot problem you come in with and any other health conditions you have that may prevent you getting the best outcome. 

The importance of a 'multi-disciplinary team' is well recognised in healthcare: a GP is great for the day-to-day, but a consultant is who you want for the complicated stuff; but then again, if you are given the choice of a GP who is 'alright' or a GP who really knows what they are talking about, you know who you would choose. 

The philosophy at Keep On Your Feet is that we make sure that we know our stuff, and better than that, we give you the peace of mind that we know what we are doing. All you have to do is come in, and then we will guide you to your health goals. 

Where else can you find me?

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