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Editorial Policy

The aims of the Keep On Your Feet website are to:

  • Provide excellent information which allows users to make informed decisions about their care.

  • Assist users in deciding what the next steps should be for their care. 

  • Ensuring that users understand what their condition is and to assist them with making informed choices about their care. 

This information is provided to users irrespective of whether or not they are patients at Keep On Your Feet, and is provided in good faith, with the understanding that every individual is different and that whilst the information may be relevant and correct for the condition that they have generally, it may not be relevant to the individual's needs. 

Keep On Your Feet's Commercial Interests:

At this time (22/1/2024), Keep On Your Feet has no commercial interests or stakeholders. All information is provided with the benefit of the end user in mind. This being said, we hope that, if you are looking for a podiatrist or sonographer who can help you with a lower limb issue, that you will consider us. We have provided this website with the intention of providing you with a lot of helpful content and hopefully it will be useful for you to get you better. 

We would however like to also point out that some links on the website may be affiliate links to Amazon or other companies and so we may make a small commission if you place an order after clicking one of those links. 

Who writes content for Keep On Your Feet, and why should you trust it?

All content is written and produced by Jeremy Ousey: the owner at Keep On Your Feet. The author at the time of writing this policy (January 2024) is a registered podiatrist with five university issued degrees:

  1. BSc (Hons) - Podiatry

  2. PgCert - Podiatric Sports Medicine

  3. PgDip - Medical Ultrasound

  4. MSc - Sports & Exercise Medicine

  5. MSc - Theory of Podiatric Surgery. 

As a result, the information provided will be original content but will likely have elements of the other literature embedded within it by virtue of the sheer volume of material Jeremy has consumed. Any sections which appear to have been plagiarised, but have not been cited are likely to be errors, or in some instances may be the result of other publications written by the author having been re-purposed elsewhere. If there are concerns about the provenance of information on this site, please get in touch at:

Statement on the use of AI

When this website was initially being developed (many versions ago!), some AI was used to provide inspiration as to how the website may look. The majority of the content was then altered and so, although a small proportion will have been produced using AI, I would like to reassure you that everything (as of 22/1/2024) has been reviewed and edited by Jeremy Ousey and that very little AI content remains, if any at all. 

Moving forward, I may consider using AI as the starting point for writing more articles - effectively using it as a 'meal kit' much like one produces a meal with packet ingredients sometimes! Please note that any articles which are written with AI will always state that AI was used and to what extent. 

Currently, though, you can be reassured that my intention is to provide you with my authentic writings so that you can get a feel for who I am and what my treatment methods look like. 

Statement on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in my writing

I am very much a scientist more than a writer, so I apologise that some of my writing may - by it's very nature - not be very inclusive in terms of readability. I will always try to keep it accessible, but I might not achieve it. 

I also am conscious that in some instances, the language used may fail to be inclusive. It will never by my intention to exclude any group through my writing. This being said, if I do, I sincerely apologise and if you can see room for improvement in an article that I've written: please tell me. 

Medicine and healthcare, by it's very nature can require the pigeon-holing of some people with certain conditions and there will be times when content is written for the masses rather than the minority; again, I can only apologise. This being said, I have content in the pipeline which is very specifically for the minorities rather than the majority, and as such, I hope that any failure to be fully inclusive might be overlooked in light of the good intentions surrounding the purpose of the content. 

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