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Remote Consultations

Perfect for the busy professional or the stay at home mum who cannot find someone to look after her kids for the day. These consultations also mean that you will be listened and heard - after all, I can't physically assess you.

I can offer remote consultations at any time of day to suit you, whether you're in Berkshire, Bradford or Bahraine, you can get some time in front of me to go through your concerns.

Specialising in the management of complex conditions, I have heard so many different ways to describe symptoms and, as a result, can get the diagnosis just from what you have told me.

Available on Zoom, Google Meets, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype as well as specialist GDPR and HIPAA compliant systems... as well as the traditional telephone, I can help with your concerns at your convenience.

If the timings offered do not suit you, please get in touch and I will create some other timings to suit you.

Using specialist exercise prescription software, and with the internet making the world a smaller place, I can provide almost exactly the same level of care online as I would remotely.

Please note that if you struggle with technology or have poor flexibility, then it is preferable that you try to book a time that will mean you have the assistance of a friend or member of your family.

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