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Shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy uses a system of soundwaves to create localised soft tissue inflammation. Although inflammation may sound like the last thing that you would want to be applied to your irritable foot, it can very effective for reducing pain levels in the short term as well as encouraging damaged structures to heal.

When a tendon problem fails to resolve within a period of approximately three months, the condition is then described as chronic. This has various implications, but one of which is that the injured area is then described as 'degenerative'.

Although this sounds particularly worrying, the 'degeneration' does not mean poorer long term outcomes - it is just a bit of medical terminology.

By using shockwave, we are able to break down the damaged and unhealthy structures, and (combined with excellent rehabillitation, can then optimise the healing process for you.

It is uncomfortable and can be painful in the early stages of treatment, however do not let this put you off. It is remarkably effective and has actually meant that surgeons have been able to stop doing as much surgery.

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