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Steroid Injections

Primarily used for their powerful anti-inflammatory properties, steroid injections are an effective strategy when dealing with injuries in the first 1-3 months. They can be used beyond this point, however this decision should be discussed.

A lot of people are unable to use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs due to asthma or issues with their stomach. When this is the case, a steroid injection that is specifically targeted into the site of pain can be a highly effective method of returning you to the activities you love.

I am frequently asked if there are risks associated with steroid injections like there are with taking steroids by mouth. The likelihood of weight gain is minimal, as the steroid is injected into a specific structure, as opposed to being absorbed by your body.

Steroid injections are not without risks, and can actually increase your pain for (up to) a few days after. If your pain is severe, however, then the improvement you experience can be spectacular. The other side effects of steroids are often short lived.

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