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Rehabilitation is the process of returning someone or something to 'normal' after a period of injury.
I like to make it into something far more useful though…

Rehabilitation is often sold as being something that physiotherapy offers, rather than podiatry… and that's really stupid.

The purpose of rehabilitation is to take you back to the level you were at before your injury. There are several ways to do this: protecting the foot with a cast, using insoles, doing exercises, taping and strapping the foot and ankle.

The most effective treatment is education though, and this is something that I focus on for you. When you understand what causes your symptoms and how these relate to your daily function: you are then able to start to become more independent of me for treatment. I rarely find that patients who have been educated about their condition and taken on board what has been explained require more than three treatment sessions to get them comfortably on the road to recovery.

If you needed more, I'm always there for you, but I should be the most expensive part of the treatment, not the custom orthotics you you buy, and if you understand what is going on, and why you have developed your injury, I'm confident that you will be able to keep yourself from darkening my door!

Also, you will find that I am releasing lots of free resources for patients I see, and that there are other resources that are affordable and, if you understand them, will really help to get you better and you can use me for the times when your symptoms are not changing.

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