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Our chiropody services in Swansea include routine foot care, nail trimming, and corn and callus removal. We also treat verrucas, ingrowing toenails and offer treatments for fungal infections. Seeing us for chiropody is a great way to make sure that your feet are kept in good shape, and, more than that, having access to expert advice regularly to keep you in general good health too.


Keep On Your Feet is a new advanced podiatry clinic in Swansea, offering the most evidence-based treatment plans for patients. Unlike chiropody, podiatry is a method of seeing your feet within the bigger picture, and identifying whether issues with your feet are causing you other problems, or more importantly, if other health issues are causing issues with your feet. 

Sports & Exercise Medicine

With Masters level training in Podiatric Sports Medicine and Sports & Exercise Medicine; we take podiatry to the next level for Swansea's residents. We consider information about your diet, metabolic health and we are able to offer in-house imaging as well as organising X-rays and more advanced imaging like MRIs. We are also able to offer steroid injections and other joint injections. 

Please note that we are a new podiatry clinic in Swansea, and this website is still being refined. There may be a few errors and, if you find them, feel free to point them out! 

We will be making changes to it over the coming days, but we wanted to go live so that you can find us and get your feet the help they deserve!

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