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Routine Footcare

Routine footcare is essentially chiropody. It's there to make your feet feel better and make them look good as new... or maybe just as good as they can. I can't perform miracles, but I get pretty close.

Expert Toe Nail Care

Keep On Your Feet regularly treats a variety of common nail problems, ensuring your feet look and feel great.

Nail conditions we regularly treat:


Having treated hundreds of people for these conditions, I know it can be embarrassing, but so many people face these issues. So I know how significantly it can impact your quality of life.


Treatments can be tailored to making you more comfortable or, if you prefer, can look at being more curative. 


Easy Callus Removal

Calluses are areas of thickened skin that develop to protect the skin from pressure and friction. While they are common, untreated calluses can lead to discomfort and sometimes more serious complications.

Common Presentations:

  • Hardened, thick areas of skin

  • Dry, flaky skin patches

  • Areas of skin that feel less sensitive to touch

  • Discomfort when walking or wearing shoes

Calluses can be uncomfortable and can interfere with your daily activities. As a registered podiatrist (and chiropodist), treating callus is a simple process where the hard skin is removed with a scalpel, and buffed smooth with an electric file. 


As well as the gentle removal of the callus, there may sometimes be treatments for the underlying causes, such as self-care regimes and insoles to reduce the pressure and friction.

Managing Corns & Verrucas

Corns and verrucas can sometimes seem quite similar on the surface, and some studies have even shown them to be easily mistaken for each other, even though they are quite different in their causes.

Common Symptoms and Appearances:

Corns and verrucas can be painful and can also make you feel self-conscious about your feet. Treatments can either aim to relieve your symptoms, improve the appearances or to eliminate these conditions altogether - both safely and effectively. 

Routine footcare treatments aim to reduce the symptoms of corns and verrucas through debridement (scraping back) and gently scooping out the deeper portions with a sterile scalpel with minimal discomfort. Other treatment options may require consultations or more specialised treatments. 

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