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The Foot Shop

Sometimes you aren't in a position to see a specialist, but you want to know what the specialist would recommend. Maybe it's time, maybe it's finances. Maybe your pain is not quite bad enough, yet, to make you want to spend the money on a specialist. 

Whatever the reason, I wanted to make the products I frequently recommend available to anyone and everyone. The stuff I recommend is mostly on Amazon because it has great availability of products and they arrive quickly. Some products will be available only through alternative providers, so you might see those options too. 


Also to note, some links will be affiliate links. This means that I make a small percentage if you purchase the products. This does not change the price of the products for you, it just means that Amazon (or wherever) gives me a small commission. 


Products for Dry Skin


Products for Athlete's Foot


Products for Cracked Heels


Products for Thick & Fungal Nails


Products for Foot Pain 

& Rehabilitation

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