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Verrucae are caused the the Human Papilloma Virus and, in the case of those that occur on the feet, they are not the types of virus that can turn malignant.

Verrucae are most easily mixed up with callus and corns, and may also co-exist with callus and corns.

Their treatment relies on stimulating the body to identify and attack the virus. Unfortunately there are no medications that actually kill the virus when used on humans.

To stimulate the immune system, we have to cause damage to skin under and around the verruca to bring white blood cells to the area so that the body can attack the lesion. Verrucae have many mechanisms that also make them very hard to treat, but the first thing to do is to work out whether it is a verruca or a corn!

The black dots are not the virus, they are just bits of blood that has leaked into the lesion as the hard skin builds up.


A viral infection that causes a disruption of lines in the skin. They can be unsightly and also painful, but if neither of these are the case, they do not require treatment.

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