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Corns are particularly painful given t+F43hat they are 'just' hard skin. There are a variety of ways to treat corns and to prevent them recurring.

If you have a corn that is very painful and keeps coming back quickly then you might wish to consider an appointment to see if it can be prevented from coming back, or at least made to not return as quickly.

Often corns which are seasonal are the result of your preferred seasonal footwear. If the corn keeps on returning or is only painful in one or two pairs of shoes, then you might need to reconsider the shoes you wear.

To find out what the reason is for the corn or to find out whether or not I can prevent it coming back so quickly, feel free to get in touch.

The biomechanics of skin and feet are something that not many take an interest in, so I actually have a lot of practice and success in this area of podiatry.


Corns are the result of impacted callus that has, over time, caused the hard skin to be pushed down deeper. It can feel like you are walking on a small stone.

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