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Flexor Tendinopathy

It is very unusual to develop flexor tendinopathy in the lesser toe flexors, but it is not as uncommon to develop this tendinopathy within the big toe flexor(s).

The complicating factor is that the big toe flexors run along the length of one of the bands of the plantar fascia, and so misdiagnosis of flexor tendinopathy is very common.

Once again, the early diagnosis and targeted management of this problem will speed up resolution and mean that you do not have time to create compensations that cause aches and pains in other parts of your body.

Flexor Tendinopathy

The flexors are the tendons that point your toes down. They are the last tendons to fire and propel us in the gait cycle.

There are four main flexor tendons: long ones that run up the inside of your ankle, and short ones that are in your arch.

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