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Heel Pain

Heel pain is often diagnosed as plantar fasciitis, however, I see a lot of patients who think that they have this condition BUT their pain is not in their heel.

Although they do all the right things for heel pain, they are not necessarily doing anything useful for the symptoms that they have.

To treat something as heel pain - only manage it as a heel pain if your pain is under the heel, feels like you are walking on a stone OR you feel like you are being stabbed in the bottom of the foot.

Pain at the back of the heel must be managed differently to pain at the bottom of the heel.

Pain on the inside (big-toe side) of the ankle should also be managed differently to pain on the outside (pinkie toe side) of the ankle / heel bone.

Heel Pain

The most common cause of heel pain is known as 'Plantar fasciitis', however there are SO MANY causes.

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