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Morton's Neuroma

Neuroma' is technically misnamed since a neuroma between the metatarsal heads is actually a swelling of the nerve sheath, rather than a swelling of the nerve.

For a nerve to be a Morton's Neuroma, it should actually be causing discomfort in the space between the third and fourth metatarsal heads or into the third and fourth toes.

It can be difficult to differentiate a neuroma from intermetatarsal bursitis, and the principle emphasis in diagnosis should be based on history and clinical examination.

Treatments for neuroma pain typically focus on reducing the irritating factors and once you can get on top of these factors, your symptoms should mostly reduce or entirely resolve.

The biggest barrier to treatment is a desire to wear certain types of footwear. It is possible to work back into certain types of footwear that you will want to wear, but initially there will need to be some give and take! I'm always happy to negotiate, but keep in mind your neuroma is the terrorist that holds you hostage - I'm just trying to get the two of you into a happy place!

Morton's Neuroma

Causes a sensation of numbness and tingling within the toes, a fullness or sensation of a rucked-up sock / marble under the forefoot and can be misdiagnosed as being intermetatarsal bursitis.

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