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Literally meaning "porous bones", osteoporosis refers to a process described as de-mineralisaation.

Our body is constantly refreshing itself and renewing its structure, and bones are no different.

The bones in the body get broken down and new bone gets laid down regularly. In osteoporosis, the body breaks down bone faster than it can lay down fresh bone, and so the bone gets weaker.

To treat this, your GP might prescribe high strength suppliments, but you might also need to see a rheumatologist for medications that are more powerful.

Podiatry can assist in reducing strain through your joints and help to make you more comfortable.

Although it is typically associated with 'older people', it can also be associated with athletes who exercise 'too much' and also for girls / women with irregular periods. I will always screen for this, if your symptoms may be associated with osteoporosis.


Osteoporosis is often described as brittle bones.
It can increase your risk of fractures and medications should be taken.

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