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Patello-femoral Pain Syndrome

Previously known as chondromalacia patella (meaning 'bad cartilage of the knee cap'), this is an extremely common issue for athletes. It can also affect the less active population as well, particularly if they have some hypermobility or a flatter foot posture.

The pain you have is of the back of the knee cap being inflamed and then rubbing against the thigh bone. As the joint is immobile for a while, it can stiffen up, so you get 'cinema sign' (discomfort when sitting with the knee bent for a long time), and you might also get pain when going into a squat.

These symptoms can describe so many aspects of knee pain however, so the rule is: history first, then assessment.

The mainstay of treatment should always be rehabilitation which I can help with, but managing your biomechanics with running-gait retraining and using insoles can be excellent for keeping you doing what you love.

The best evidence says that one does not need custom insoles for PFPS, and this is correct in the majority of cases, HOWEVER, some feet do require more support to ease symptoms, and as a result, may need an insole that is semi-custom or even completely besopke.

Patello-femoral Pain Syndrome

This is pain at the top and back of the knee cap. It can be painful when you are going up and down stairs or hills. It can also become painful and stiff if you sit still for a long time.

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