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Toe Deformities

Toe deformities can occur for a huge number of reasons. You might have sprained the joint, broken the toe, had less-than-optimal foot mechanics or just have one the genetic lottery that resulted in your toes being misshapen.

Like with other 'deformities', the shape is not as important as the impact that the shape has on your daily life. If it has no impact and you just want treatment because it's there, I would say there are far better ways to spend time off your feet - in the Caribean drinking margaritas for a start...

If the joints within the toe are hurting or the toe is rubbing then you may benefit from treatment. This may range from strategies like taping and bracing, right through to considering surgical intervention.

As a general rule, I normally suggest seeing a podiatrist who is excellent at identifying the cause and can then guide you on the surgical and non-surgical management of these problems. Some surgeons will be aware of the alternative options whilst others will be very keen to perform surgery. Neither is 'right' or 'wrong', but I think a balanced discussion is necessary to ensure optimum outcomes.

Toe Deformities

Claw toes, hammer toes, mallet toes, pre-dislocation syndrome. Various ways to say that a toe has become misshapen.

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