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Why do we include a pair of customised insoles with the Pain & Injuries Podiatry consultations in Swansea?

To be clear, this post refers to the Pain & Injuries consultations that are 1-hour long and cost £95.

As Keep On Your Feet podiatry clinic is in Swansea, a city with not one, but two universities, we realise that there will be occasions when students seek out our help. As Jeremy Ousey has done five degrees, he appreciates that finding money to pay for healthcare can be difficult and wants to make it as accessible as possible.

Equally, it's really important that if you seek out treatment from the clinic, that you are able to get treatment at that point in time. As a result, the decision was made to provide a highly customisable pair of insoles to any patients of the 'Pain & Injuries' (1-hour) consultations.

The way we see it, if you're willing to invest in your health by trusting us, you shouldn't be let down by not being able to receive care when you seek it due to financial constraints*.

Obviously, there are economic limits to what we can offer for free, but we believe in charging a professional fee for the skills and knowledge we have rather than relying on hefty profit margins when selling stock.

An orthotic being customised and/or refurbished.
Keep On Your Feet uses an external orthotics laboratory to achieve the best quality for bespoke orthotics. We are able to produce highly effective, functional and customised insoles - often at the same time as your appointment.

What is a 'Pain & Injuries' Podiatry consultation at Keep On Your Feet podiatry clinic in Swansea?

If you happen to be looking around at other podiatry clinics, you'll see that there is a huge variety of appointment types. The appointments that this consultation type basically covers are:

  • Biomechanics

  • MSK Podiatry

  • Musculoskeletal Podiatry

  • Orthotics assessment

  • Gait Analysis

However, there is one key difference: we've called the appointment what it is - instead of reeling you in with a flashy phrase.

Does Keep On Your Feet Offer Musculoskeletal (MSK) Podiatry Appointments in Swansea?

Keep On Your Feet does offer musculoskeletal podiatry appointments. In fact, this is probably the category that our 'Pain & Injuries' appointments best fits into, as the first step in treatment is to treat the pain or injury that you're coming in with.

This being said, there is a place for Biomechanics & Gait Analysis; however, this is rarely at the first appointment. The reason for this is that if you are coming in with an injury, it is highly likely that you will be in enough pain that your natural way of moving is changed so as to prevent or avoid pain. This being said, principles from biomechanics are always used in coming up with a treatment plan.

Does Keep On Your Feet Offer Biomechanics and Gait Analysis Appointments in Swansea?

Keep On Your Feet does offer biomechanics and gait analysis appointments, however, we just include it in the appointment according to what you need.

Jeremy Ousey, the podiatrist at Keep On Your Feet, was fortunate enough to do research studies, as part of his Master's of Science, in the Human Performance Laboratory at Queen Mary's, University of London.

Keep On Your Feet's Podiatry clinic in Swansea has a long-based treadmill specifically to allow runners of nearly all heights to undergo biomechanics and gait analysis appointments. We use cameras (with a high Frame Per Second video ability) placed strategically around the treadmill to catch your movements, and then use Kinovea software to break down complex movement patterns. This then allows Jeremy to identify any movements that contribute to your pain and to create treatment plans accordingly for you.

Does Keep On Your Feet offer Orthotic Assessment Appointments in Swansea?

Keep On Your Feet offers orthotic assessments, however, these are always offered as part of a broader consultation.

Why are Orthotic Assessment appointments offered as part of a broader consultation?

People that want orthotics often (but not always!) see them as being the magic bullet to their problem. In fact, I've had some consultations where people have come in hoping that my orthotics will cure all sorts of issues, which can actually be fixed for a fraction of the price and in such a way that you do not need to rely on orthotics in the future.

Likewise, the other issue I have come across is that orthotics have been recommended by professionals who specialise in a specific area of healthcare - such as surgeons. In these circumstances, I sometimes find that I can bring a bit more to my patients than just orthotics because I am familiar with a whole range of non-surgical treatment methods; so rather than just giving you an orthotic which may not be the solution you think it would be, I prefer to give you the solution that you really need.

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